Incorporating Empowerment Into Business Models: How to Support the Advancement of Women with Your Business

New businesses are increasingly considering the triple bottom line in their business operations, examining their plans for their business as they relate to profit, people, and the planet. Miss EmpowHer aims to empower women through our brand by celebrating confidence, body positivity, and inclusivity, and we are proud that female empowerment is built into our business model. While building empowerment into a business is a challenge and requires consistent consideration of a brand’s social impact, it allows businesses to connect with their customers in a positive way, present an authentic brand message, and gain the trust of increasingly socially-conscious consumers.


One way that businesses can incorporate female empowerment into their business models is simple: hire women. Women’s empowerment includes career and professional opportunities, and so any business that prioritizes supporting women’s professional development will give women a platform as part of its team. Woman employees are capable of providing unique insights as to how businesses can support the advancement of women. Further, businesses can incorporate women’s empowerment through their product sourcing, which allows the economic advancement of female small business owners. Miss EmpowHer is proud of its sustainable sourcing of our waist bead products as well as our support for the women on our team. We are thrilled to provide our interns like Destiny Sanders with professional experience and support them in their professional advancement.


Businesses can also incorporate empowerment into their business models by partnering with women-focused organizations. Miss EmpowHer’s Women Supporting Women Fundraising Initiative serves as a way for our brand to support women’s groups and organizations while also increasing awareness of our brand.


Considering empowerment in business models is becoming more and more important in a world where people increasingly want to support brands that stand for something and align with their values. Consumers are demanding corporate responsibility and seeking to support companies that are aware of how their business impacts the world around them. In the future, brands that make a positive impact on the lives of their customers and others will succeed in gaining consumer trust and loyalty. 


Lastly, promotion of women’s empowerment is vital because of the importance of representation. It is important for women, especially young women of color, to see other women successfully launching and leading brands so they know what’s possible in their own lives and careers. It is essential that young women see people who look like them succeed.