What are waist beads?

Waist beads are traditional body jewelry originating in Africa. It is believed the oldest evidence of waist bead wearing is in ancient Kemet, known today as Egypt, where the women wore several layers of waist beads called girdles. Today, they are popular in most West African countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, Senegal, and many others. They are also becoming increasingly popular in the United States.

Do waist beads have meaning? What are waist beads used for?

Waist beads have many uses and meanings. They can be worn for fashion purposes, waist shaping, and weight monitoring. They also symbolize feminine beauty, sensuality, sexuality, and body positivity.

Is wearing Miss EmpowHer waist beads cultural appropriation? 

Wearing Miss EmpowHer waist beads is a form of cultural appreciation, not appropriation. Waist beads are designed to be worn by women of all shapes, sizes, and races. If you want to wear our waist beads, you should feel comfortable wearing our waist beads. 

Can plus-size women fit Miss EmpowHer waist beads?

Yes! Our waist beads are 50 inches and fit sizes 00-18 (USA).

Where are Miss EmpowHer waist beads made?

All of our waist beads are handmade by women in Ghana. 

How do I wear Miss EmpowHer waist beads?

Waist beads are traditionally worn on the hips along the panty line under your clothes. In the US, many women prefer to wear them along their natural waist, so they show when wearing a crop-top or bikini. How you decide to wear them is up to you!

How do I put on my Miss EmpowHer Waist Beads?

To tie them on, you place them around your waist, decide where you want them to sit, leave a little wiggle room, remove the excess beads, and tie 3-4 knots. Once you are sure the beads are secure, cut off the extra string and beads.

Are Miss EmpowHer waist beads adjustable?

Miss EmpowHer waist beads can be cut and re-tied to fit if you lose a substantial amount of weight. Just be sure there is enough string to make 3-4 knots.

How should I wear my waist beads?

Waist beads are traditionally worn low and loosely along the lower stomach area. However, some people choose to wear them higher on their waist. You can wear as few or as many waist beads as you feel comfortable in. Most women wear about 3 or more strands.

Do I take off my Miss EmpowHer Waist Beads?

Miss EmpowHer waist beads are semi-permanent and can be worn while bathing, swimming, sleeping, etc. 

How long do Miss EmpowHer Waist Beads last?

Miss EmpowHer waist beads are made with the best materials to ensure long wear. With that said, everyone who has worn waist beads knows there is a moment when they will eventually pop due to stress and wear, but with proper fit and care, Miss EmpowHer Waist Beads can last many years. 

We recommend avoiding tying your waist beads too tight to ensure they do not break when you bloat, sit or bend. To increase the longevity of your waist beads and to avoid damage to your waist beads, we also recommend that you avoid tying your waist beads too close to your panty line. From following these best practices, I have worn the same waist beads for over a year.


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