Summer Reading and The Cool Girl Summer Reading List


It’s not a hot girl summer unless you read a book. We all know that reading makes us smarter, but did you know that reading actually makes you hotter?

Summer reading doesn't just have to be reading dried-up books that your school assigns for summer break. Instead, all of the girlies out there should read what they want this summer so that they can truly seize the day.

I don’t mean this in a preachy you-should-get-off-tik-tok-and-read-a-book-for-once type of way. (You can just hear your mother’s voice, can’t you?) I mean more so that reading is the best habit to get into because you connect with yourself in more ways than you realize, making it the best use of your downtime.

Summer is the best time to read. School’s out. Your reading list is not being dictated by others for once. You’re not being told what to think. You can give your brain a break from the algebra, but you can enjoy reading for once without slogging through whatever great American novel that was definitely great but didn’t necessarily speak to you. 

So no more “Of Mice and Men.” Flip open the first book of the “Twilight” series. This way, you have something to look at while you’re sitting poolside, waiting for your sunscreen to soak in, or lounging out on the beach. 

In case you want ideas for what to read next, here are some ideas of where to find your next summer read:

 Find the reading list of your favorite celebrity. 

Did you know that Harry Styles based his song Watermelon Sugar on the book “In Watermelon Sugar” by Richard Broutigan? Or that Emma Corrin has their own Instagram page for books? Meanwhile, Reese Witherspoon has her own book club where you can get a sneak peek at what she’ll make an adaptation out of next. 

Read the book before the Netflix adaptation comes out. 

You want to watch The Summer I Turned Pretty on Amazon Prime? The YA novel by Jenny Han was worth the read and I can attest.

Ask your friends what their favorites are.

You’ll get to know them better, have something to discuss, and probably form a deeper friendship. The bedrock of all friendship is shared experience after all

Just pick up whatever book grabs your attention.

    Yes, you can judge a book by its cover in this case. Pick up that book that looks like it was made for you. 

    And, finally…

    If you don’t want to get off TikTok, #Booktok has all you need in terms of what you should read.

    The important thing is that you create a reading list of whatever you want to read. The best part about summer reading is that it comes without shame. You don’t have to plow through every book on your bedside table by reading a book a day. Take two weeks to idly thumb through a book if you feel like it. You don’t have to drudge through a merciless book with earth-shattering ideas about life. You can read the frivolous, fun book that you read for entertainment purposes. Then, when you’re done, write down your “cool girl summer reading list” to keep track of every summer.

    No matter what you read, just make sure you read. 

    Have fun at your local bookstore this summer!