Revamp Your Routine: 5 Ways to Create Healthy Habits

Courtesy of @Ekaterinablogg on IG / @Magguiqueen on Pinterest

It is time to level up your lifestyle!

Do you have a Pinterest account? If not, this is YOUR sign to make an account and get free access to the best resource out there. If you already have an account, you know what we are talking about.

Here are some reliable tips and tricks to use Pinterest for your advantage. Pinterest is not about scrolling through endless media and going into the rabbit hole. It is more transformational than you think so we have drafted this specific blog to inspire YOU! Take a couple of minutes to explore the app and explore the pins for your personal and professional goals. 

Pin Your Interests: Think about different aspects of your life you want to focus (cooking, crocheting, self-care, fitness, reading, decor-ing, etc). This will help you narrow down your focus so you don't get overwhelmed by the unlimited pins in front of you. Search those topics up to see relatable pins! Click save! You are done. It is as simple as that. 

Build Your Boards: One suggestion we have for you is to only save pins that meet the SMART goals. Having this limitation will really be useful as it restricts you from saving too many pins that stray away from your focus goal. Once you have a set of pins, start building your boards. Keep them organized as it is key for the next couple of steps. The more goals you have, the structure you begin with helps you be consistent in the progress.

Prioritize Your Progress: So far, you worked with saving public pins to your personal boards on your profile. In order to see actual, measurable progress, you need to document your achievements. We suggest you log your workouts, or snapshot your diet and build a private pin for yourself. You will be able to look back on your journey and really set yourself up for more achievements in the future. The little steps matter to make the big change you want to see. 

Discover New Ideas: Pinterest, like any other social media app, is a platform with never ending content. So feel free to click on that explore category and just scroll through your recommended inspirations. It feels exciting to take up some new hobbies and actually cross things off your bucket list for once. Make sure to repeat the first 3 steps when you are doing so. Documentation is absolutely key!

Connect With Communities: Transforming your lifestyle for the better is always a big step. While you are at it, make sure to connect with profiles who inspire you to achieve your goal. Follow them! Like and comment on their pins. Rebrand yourself during this journey but make sure to build the connections while doing so. Communities are the best motivators to push you towards the self-improvement goals you have set for yourself. If you want to be consistent, dedicate yourself and create the healthy habits that last longer than at least 21 days.