Redefining My Perspective on Body image

As I scroll through TikTok, I see many different genres of videos fill my feed. From dances to career advice, I found myself endlessly scrolling. It took a while for me to realize that the majority of my feed showed the same standard of beauty in western culture. I would find myself comparing myself to the standard and feel uncomfortable when I am in social settings. After months of scrolling on TikTok, I stumbled onto an account that expressed body positivity for all body types. Emily (@imnotbunny on TikTok) shares her own struggles with negative body image and now has created a big community for confidence and self esteem boosts. After finding her page, I began to find more diverse accounts to follow. Seeing these TikTokers embrace their bodies and radient confidence, it made me more comfortable and secure in myself. They all reference similar messages and put them in a captivating way, making peak self-love more achievable.

Humans are naturally social so comparison is common. Social media platforms can trap you into comparing your life to others and question aspects about it. It’s so easy to forget that social media is only a highlight of other people’s lives, we don’t usually see their struggles. 

We become angry with ourselves for “not being good enough,” when we compare too much. Now, with access to celebrities lives and their routines to fit the beauty standard, we easily think “I wish I could do things like them.” If you don’t address the feelings that come with comparisons, it can affect your mental health.

To stop comparing yourself to others, you have to train your mind to step away from negative comparisons. Boost your confidence by listing situations that make you sad and avoid or take a long break from them. Social media, being one of them, is best used in moderation. Being on social media for too long, especially when looking at lifestyle content, can lower self-esteem. Social media can keep us up to date on current events, family and friends, and raise awareness. Unfollow accounts that cause you to compare yourself to others and use your phone for a certain time, that can help with creating time for yourself.

Building confidence in yourself is based on many factors. Despite what social media shows, building confidence takes a lot of hard work. Patience is essential for the journey, respect timing and know you are just as strong when your feeling down- it’s really rewarding. 

Where theres good there will always be bad. There are many types of critics that exist, ones that can even be close in your life. People usually insult others because they feel insecure or don’t understand different points of view. When someone tries to bring you down, think “what does their opinion mean to me?” You are the main character of your life,

If you still want to be pretty active on social media, take a look at the social media accounts you follow and the content that you constantly consume. Frequently showing yourself bodies that don’t look like you will make you take longer to feel confident and comfortable with yourself. Find people and content that look like you and different from the typical standard you grew up seeing. The more bodies that you see that look like you, the more confidence and love you will feel for yourself. All bodies are different and beautiful, seeing that will lead to unconditional love.

Try to practice these exercises every day, you’ll begin to notice your self-love and confidence skyrocket.