Not Close Enough to the Job of my Dreams

About two months ago I applied for a position at a top media company, thinking nothing would come from it. In fact I almost didn’t apply. I didn’t think I was what they were looking for, but I applied because of how great the position was. It was based in New York, I would be working with a lot of people in the field and would have learned a lot. I clicked summit and tried to forget about it, but that was hard to do because of how much I wanted it. 

I reached out to someone in the company in the position I applied for and talked to them before I heard back. I wanted to learn more about the position and try to get a feel of what I could do now if I had to reapply. I talked to them and felt great about where I was and I heard back from the company a few days later. I made it to the first round of the interview. This was a huge deal for me considering it was my first job interview and the first time I have heard back from someone. I prepared for the interview as best as I could by using as many resources as I could. I went into the interview really nervous but I got through it. I felt good about it, sure I could have done better on some questions but overall for a first interview I would say it went well. I heard back from them about a week later. I made it to the final round of the interview! I was really happy and excited when I received the email. I prepared for the next interview as best as I could. Went in and did the best I could. I remember feeling super nervous and hoping I would get the position. I left the interview feeling good about it. Unfortunately I was not a good fit. 

I was upset about it. I was really looking forward to all the job entailed, but I didn’t let it ruin my day. I took this as a learning opportunity. I learned so much about the interview prossero and what kind of questions to expect. I learned the importance of reaching out to people and how networking isn’t as scary as it seems. I’m not sure if I will reapply for the position, but I know that I learned a lot.

It's a terrible feeling being so close to getting a job but not getting it.  It makes me wonder if it would hurt less if I wasn’t so close to it. Would it make it easier moving forward? I’m not sure but I don't regret it. What I got from this experience I can take anywhere I go.