Must Have Accessories: A Summertime Accessory Guide

Finding and styling the right outfits and accessories during summer months is one of my favorite things to do every morning. Whether I must wear a uniform for work, or I want to have either a dress up or dress down day, I always make sure to spice up my outfits with my favorite summertime accessories. I have put together a list of a few must have accessories that can be worn for any occasion.



My all-time favorite way to spruce up an outfit is a pair of sunglasses or “sunnies”. I always have a pair of sunnies on top of my head whether I have all the windows of my car rolled down and am driving around, laying by the pool, or sipping a latte at my favorite coffee shop. Some of my favorite pairs have been found in sale sections and on amazon so this accessory has always been priced nicely.



The second way that I like to accessorize any outfit is a pair or multiple pairs of earrings. Hoops, studs, or any pair that dangles, I always enjoy picking out plain gold earrings or a cute, beaded pair. This piece of jewelry really ties any outfit together, even if you are just hanging around the house in loungewear.


Cross-body belt pack.

Lately, wearing belt bags across your body has been a growing trend that I have noticed on platforms like TikTok. At first, I was not a fan, but the convenience and multiple ways that you can style this accessory has really won me over. I found a super cute Amazon dupe that I always make sure to carry when I go out during the day. 


Waist beads.

Last but not least, one of my all-time favorite ways to accessorize is with Miss EmpowHer waist beads. Anytime I wear a shorter fitted shirt or a bikini my confidence is automatically boosted while wearing waist beads. Any excuse I have to wear my waist beads, I take because it is so easy to style them, and they add so much character to any outfit.


If you are looking for anyway to spice up an outfit whether it is for going out or to boost your confidence while staying in this summer, I recommend any of these accessories or playing around to find your own signature accessory! If you are interested in any of these accessories and my other favorites, check out our Amazon Storefront.