Mental Wealth: Tips For Improving Your Mental Health

Women. We are bosses and leaders of the world. We are mothers, sisters, friends, and overall superheroes. We take on a lot of high power roles, however, ladies, we sometimes forget the most important of them all which is being a friend to ourselves. 

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, I’ve compiled a list of 5 things we can do to stay grounded and take better care of ourselves as we continue to make the world go ‘round!


1. Incorporate Genuine Self Care Days Into Your Schedule 

Tip: Do away with all distractions that add to your relaxation! 


2. Dedicate Some time Everyday To Talk To Yourself Out Loud

Tip: It may seem weird at first but hearing your thoughts can put your mind at ease!


3. Create A Playlist Of Feel Good Songs 

Tip: Choose the songs that make you feel safe! 


4. Grab Your Favorite Food and Watch Your Favorite Movie 

Tip: Even if the movie makes you cry, sometimes that’s all we need! 


5. Call or Hang Out With Your Favorite Person

Tip: Slow down and enjoy the genuine people in your life! 

Mental health is a very fluid concept that may never be perfected or completely understood–it looks and feels vastly different for everyone. The path may feel lonely and sometimes almost unbearable but remember you have your fellow women and, most importantly, yourself to lean on.