Maintaining a Healthy Work Life Balance – Even During a Global Pandemic

Now that so many of us are working from home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be difficult to separate our personal and work lives, and it can be especially difficult to feel fully removed from our work lives enough to truly take time for ourselves. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, self-care is more important than ever, so we’ve put together some advice for maintaining a healthy work life balance and ensuring that you’re taking care of yourself and your mental health during such difficult and unpredictable times.

  1. During work hours, set reachable, reasonable goals for yourself. Giving yourself manageable tasks will help you feel accomplished and productive during designated work time so that you don’t feel so much pressure to let work infiltrate your personal time.
  2. Be a good communicator. Whether at work or in your personal life, communicate when you need extra flexibility. Consistent communication will help you maintain healthy relationships, both professional and personal.
  3. Make sure to unplug. Work-from-home environments often require long hours in front of computers and virtual meetings, and it’s so important to give your eyes a rest from technology when you get the chance to. Focus on self-care that allows you to take a break from the screens – read a good book you’ve been meaning to pick up or take an extra 10 minutes for skincare some time.
  4. Stay active when possible. Without commutes to work, many people who work from home are unwittingly moving around a lot less than they are accustomed to. Set reminders to stand out and walk around throughout the day or make time for your favorite workout.
  5. At work, take breaks when needed. Small breaks will help your decision-making and help clear your head. Instead of trying to avoid taking breaks, focus on how they will make you even more productive in the long run.
  6. Delegate. Make sure that in your personal life, responsibilities are distributed evenly, and everyone is equally committed to maintaining healthy relationships. At work, ask for help when you need it, and trust your coworkers’ skills and willingness to help you out.

Trying to improve your work life balance may seem daunting during a time where we are so accessible through technology, and it can often feel like there is no boundary between work and personal spaces. However, creating a healthy balance will make you happier and more successful in both your professional and personal lives, which is worth the time you will put into creating healthy habits!