How To Wear Waist Beads

Many women wear waist beads as an accessory to liven up an outfit or swimsuit look! Waist beads can be loosened or tightened to sit higher or lower on your hips and can look great with a crop top or cut out shirt or dress as well as a bikini. 




Add waist beads to a bikini look to look and feel amazing during a beach day! Waist beads add a personal touch to any simple bikini.


These gold waist beads look beautiful with a simple outfit and add a special touch to a  casual look! Gold waist beads symbolize good health, power, and wealth and will make you feel amazing in any everyday outfit!


Waist beads can be used for body awareness and wellness as well as aesthetics, and look beautiful with an athleisure look.


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Recreate Beyoncé’s, Bella’s, Kylie’s, or Lori's gorgeous waist accessory look or put your own twist on one of them!