How To Rebuild Your Confidence After Experiencing Failure

In life, I’ve been blessed with many opportunities, but I’ve also experienced a lot of failures. In high school, I failed to make the high school varsity soccer team. In college, I failed to secure a full-ride scholarship, I’ve been rejected from top companies, and I’ve failed to make it out of the “talking stage”. I’m not going to lie at the time, it sucked. Rejection sucks. Failing sucks. 

But the reality is, in life, we will experience failure. But we have the power to choose how failure affects us. For example, after failing, I realized I had to choose whether I would allow these failures to cause me to doubt myself and doubt my worth. So I decided to shift my perspective. 

Just because I failed does not mean I’m less worthy. I chose to remind myself of all that I had to offer. I would handle rejection in healthier ways, telling myself things like:

  1. This opportunity is not the right fit for me 
  2. What is meant for me will not miss me
  3. You need more time to develop personally or professionally 

These tips have helped me build my confidence over the years and combat feelings of self-doubt after experiencing failure, and I hope they help you.

Let me know if you found these tips helpful. 

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