How to Get PAID Brand Deals as a Small Influencer

Getting started as a paid social media influencer is extremely overwhelming when you are a content creator with a small following.  It is often hard to find useful advice on paid brand deals as a small content creator because so many content creators give incorrect or outdated advice. 

I recently came across Alexis Barber’s Tik Tok page. She is a 22-year old lifestyle content creator  known for her realistic fashion, finance, and career videos. From Tik Tok, I found her YouTube channel where she has a video called “how to get PAID brand deals as a small influencer”. As someone who has watched hundreds of micro-influencer advice videos and worked on paid brand partnerships, this video is the best one I have seen so far for small creators. 

Here are my top 8 takeaways from the video. I have linked the full video below for you to watch. 

  1. Choose a Platform that you  want to focus on and build a content strategy around what works best for that platform and what works best for your audience on your targeted platform. 
  2. Different Niches get paid different amounts. 
  3. Create Consistent Content 
  4. Get an Email & Check it so you can get access to opportunities.
  5. Make a list of the brands you are interested in working with that fall within your niche and would resonate with your audience. 
  6. Use audience recommendations to pitch to brands. Ask your audience what brands they want to see. Leverage the data from the original content you create and use it in your pitch to brands for partnership deals
  7. Charge for extras. Make sure you charge the brands for using your content for paid social media ads. Charge for exclusivity if they say you can’t work with other brands. 
  8. Post 80 percent regular content and 20 percent sponsored content. 

Watch: how to get PAID brand deals as a small influencer: 

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