How To Get An Internship or Entry-Level Job

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During college, I found the internship recruitment process and entry-level job recruitment process extremely overwhelming. Many of my friends and family members struggled to secure internships and their entry-level full-time roles. I am thankful that I have secured internships and full-time positions at top companies.  I created this guide to share my best practices to help you secure your dream internships and jobs. 

Here is a recap of how to get an internship or entry-level job: 

1. Write down all of your experiences (part-time jobs, class projects, volunteer initiatives internships) 

2. Identify your strengths and weakness

  • Reflect on what brings you joy and what drains you
  • Ask friends, family, classmates, and former co-workers about yourself
  • Take the Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment 

3. Identify 5-10 target companies that you want to work for 

4. Update your Resume 

 5. Update your LinkedIn 

6. Get referrals from individuals at your target companies to increase your chances of securing interviews 

7. Prep for the interviews and get the job 

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*Please note that any career content and advice shared here are of general job search and not specifically related to careers in tech or for tech jobseekers*

Disclaimer: The opinions of Caitlyn Kumi, Founder of Miss EmpowHer, and content creator are not those of her company or previous employers.