How to Achieve Your Goals

We all have things that we want to achieve in both our personal lives and careers, but taking the first step towards those achievements can be the hardest part of reaching them. The key to getting that dream job, getting back on track with your fitness routine, or whatever achievement you want to work towards is goal-setting. Especially in the midst of a pandemic, it can be hard to get in the groove of working towards a goal, and it is easy to feel distracted and unmotivated. Here are our tips to help you reach your goals, whether they’re professional ambitions or just something that is going to make you feel your best self. 

  1. Accountability is key! One of the most important parts of goal-setting. Tell your friends about your goal and keep them updated on your progress, or write down what you want to accomplish and how. Make note of the progress you make, too!
  2. Find a healthy way to measure progress. It’s important to track the hard work you’re putting in, but it’s also important to be patient with yourself. Achieving your goals, big or small, will take time! Figure out a positive way to keep yourself on track without being too hard on yourself. Harsh ways of tracking progress will make you feel less motivated in the long run.
  3. Be patient with yourself! Understanding that you will have off days and forgiving yourself for those off days is one of the only ways you’ll be able to stick to your goals long-term.  Treat yourself with the same support and positivity that you would show a friend working towards their goals. 
  4. Celebrate your successes! Whether it’s patting yourself on the back or sharing your achievements with your friends, acknowledging your progress along the way will help you stay motivated long-term. Keeping your focus requires rewarding yourself for how far you have come and celebrating your progress will make you want to work even harder for the next milestone.
  5. Remember what you’re working for. While you’re working towards your goals, it is important to keep in mind what you want to gain from your hard work and why. Maintain a healthy relationship with your goals by prioritizing what made you set the goal in the first place. This will add meaning and a sense of fulfillment to all the progress you make!
  6. Set milestones. It’s easy to set high expectations for ourselves that seem overwhelming. Setting clear milestones along the way can turn a mountain of a process into small, manageable hills that will lead you to your end goal!

Remember that there’s no time like the present to set goals that will make you feel like your best self. Go get ‘em!