How Savage X Fenty Helped Miss EmpowHer Empower Women

Rihanna is inspiring the next generation of Black Women Entrepreneurs. 



When Rihanna launched Savage x Fenty, I was inspired. Like me, Rihanna does not have a background in business and she does not fit the typical profile of an entrepreneur that is often celebrated in the media. Even though less than 1% of black women receive venture capital funding, Rihanna defied the odds, secured venture capital funding, and hired some of the best talent in the world to launch one of the most disruptive brands of the 21st century. Her entrepreneurial journey has inspired many Black women like me to start their entrepreneurial journeys. 

I knew the world was changing after watching Rihanna launch Savage x Fenty, a lingerie brand built on celebrating fearless, confidence, and inclusivity. A direct challenge to the prominent legacy lingerie brand of the time that built their empire on exclusivity.  



The success of Savage X Fenty showed me that there would be opportunities for women that looked like me. I just needed to look for people that were willing to invest in me, support my vision, and help me turn my dreams into a reality. 

Most importantly, Rihanna having the courage to launch Savage x Fenty helped me overcome my feelings of imposter syndrome because I realized that no one is you, and that is your power. Different people have similar ideas at the surface, but no one can execute like you, and no one can turn those your ideas into reality like you can. 

After a few months of building my confidence and entrepreneurship courses, I launched Miss EmpowHer, my women empowerment brand dedicated to helping women of all shades and shapes feel confident and empowered. 



Watching Savage x Fenty evolve over the years has also challenged me to ask myself questions like:

  • How can Miss EmpowHer be better? 
  • How can we better connect with our audience and deliver a brand experience that resonates with them?

One of the ways in which I challenged myself is through partnership opportunities. We recently partnered with a digital magazine called Looks Attached to celebrate confidence, inclusivity, and women empowerment in their latest room called “UNAPOLOGETIC”

The Savage X Fenty team even supported our creative vision by sending our team lingerie for the photoshoot campaign.


Miss EmpowHer would not exist without Rihanna launching Savage x Fenty. Rihanna’s success and visibility represent the importance of representation in the entrepreneurial community and media. It inspires Gen-Z entrepreneurs like myself. I’m grateful that young women will grow up with the confidence to start their entrepreneurship journey because they'll be able to see entrepreneurial journeys like Rihanna’s and mine being told in the media.