How Can Waist Beads Be Worn For Body Awareness?

While women of all shapes and ethnicities sometimes wear waist beads to feel confident and sexy, or to add an accessory to a swimsuit or outfit, waist beads can also be used to track changes in weight. Waist beads can help you gauge weight loss without having to weigh yourself on a scale, which can turn body awareness objective and can discourage body-shaming and unhealthy weight loss methods. Losing weight should be about you feeling comfortable and happy in your body, and waist beads can encourage a healthy mentality when it comes to weight loss by encouraging you to focus on your comfort and body awareness instead of numbers on a scale. Waist beads will feel tighter if you gain weight, and looser if you lose weight, but should always be comfortable!


Waist beads can help you love and appreciate your body and stomach rather than encourage negative thinking, especially when you’re trying to lose weight. They can also help you be more aware of your posture and how you sit and breathe, as waist beads fit differently based on how you are sitting or breathing. Some women wear waist beads as a reminder to sit up straight or tighten their stomach muscles so that the beads fit a certain way while they are sitting. Waist beads can encourage wellness in addition to serving as a beautiful accessory through their ability to gauge posture and weight loss and mindfulness through their meanings and symbolism.