Empowered Women, Power Women


We’ve all, if not most of us, have experienced a time where we felt as though we didn’t quite fit in. Receiving side eyes, snide remarks, and backhanded compliments from other girls alike. But ladies, let’s be real, have you ever been one of those mean girls?

Because we’ve grown and matured we’d like to think that being a “mean girl” is a thing of the past. It seems elementary, immature even, and it is but that does not mean that this trope doesn’t exist in our adult lives and that some of us have adopted it at times. Try to think of a time where you may not have been a light in another woman’s life. Even if you can’t or can, here are some ways we can do better by each other.

Turn “Competition” into Congratulation 

We as women have fought for so long to have a valuable seat at the table. Whether that be in tech, in the OR, or on the Supreme Court. We know what it means to work ten times harder therefore whenever you see another woman achieving great things, celebrate her. In the end, it's a win for all of us.

Dish Out Random Compliments 

Have you ever been walking down the street and really liked someone's hair, shoes, etc? Let her know! You may have to step out of your comfort zone but it’ll brighten another woman’s day. Scrolling on Instagram and liking a picture is one thing but try swiping up on a story and spreading love, it’ll mean a lot. 

Embrace What Makes Us Different 

As we head into the big girl world, we will be introduced to women from various backgrounds, different sizes, skin tones, dialects, all the things that make us uniquely beautiful. Instead of allowing these facets to create a divide, allow them to create a space of unity. 

Help A Girl Out

If you see another woman’s hair out of place, kindly ask if you could fix it. If you see that another woman is struggling with something, lend a hand. We are not placed on this earth to gate keep kindness. Spread it!

To be a truly empowered woman, it takes a little bit of self reflection. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge your faults and, most importantly, grow from them. Hopefully these four tips will allow you to build and foster safer and more uplifting spaces!