Celebrating the Miss EmpowHer Intern Team

The Miss EmpowHer internship program aims to provide interns with professional experience in the areas of business they are most interested in and passionate about. The internship program encourages teamwork as well as individual professional development and gives students the opportunity to creatively explore skills and potential careers in marketing, graphic design, public relations, and more.
Here we highlight some of our interns’ most impactful projects and important findings in their work at Miss EmpowHer. We are grateful for our intern team and all the hard work they do to make Miss EmpowHer a product of their diverse interests, specialties, and visions.
Becca Riopel, our Marketing Manager, recently focused on market research, designing a survey to gain insights about Miss EmpowHer’s target market that could be integrated in the strategic marketing plan for 2021. Becca’s research first identified Miss EmpowHer’s core values and how they establish our Target Market. She then conducted secondary research about the target market’s self-care interests and social media use and conducted a market research survey, which provided insight into consumers’ feelings towards advertising targeted to women as well as market trends. Read more about her project here
Alicia Robbins, a design intern at Miss EmpowHer, focused on drafting and designing new email campaigns using Klaviyo and Canva, including campaigns for Miss EmpowHer’s Black Friday hoodie launch and other sales that improved email marketing performance. Alicia also worked on designs for Miss EmpowHer’s embroidered hoodie collection and the Miss EmpowHer Pinterest account. She currently is working on video editing for our TikTok and Instagram accounts. Read more about her projects here.
Samantha Casolaro, our Social Media Marketing Manager, recently created a brand guide for the Miss EmpowHer Instagram account.  Her goal was to base the brand guide on the company’s goals, competitors, and inspirations. She used data about what practices had proved successful on the Miss EmpowHer website in the past as well as insight from customer interactions to develop the brand guide and plan social media feeds. Her project involved examining the Miss EmpowHer logo in the context of new color palettes, creating mood boards, researching feed inspirations, creating post templates, and establishing Instagram best practices. Read more about her project here.
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We are so proud of our wonderful intern team!