Alana’s Fitness Journey: Waist Beads For Weight Loss & Body Awareness


Growing up, I always played sports and maintained my healthy lifestyle that way. Once I got to college, I struggled with prioritizing my wellness on top of both professional and educational responsibilities. I found myself focusing on everything else but me; and I found my mental and physical health diminished. 

As soon as COVID-19 hit, and we were sent home for summer break; I began to reflect on my current being and chose to make a change. I signed up with my now trainer, Preston, off of a referral from my friend on May 11, 2020. I soon fell in love with the gym, and started working out five/six times a week and often did two a day workouts. Weight training in the morning and then an evening run or walk. The gym and working out served as therapy as well. 

As important as working out is, your diet is the most important aspect of trying to lose weight/toning up. Protein is your best friend. Another special thing that has helped me along my fitness journey is my waist beads from Miss Empowher. I have worn waist beads from Miss EmpowHer throughout my entire fitness journey.  They have helped me stay away from the scale and instead focus on tracking my inches around my waist as that is a huge target area for me as well. 

The scale can be disheartening as muscle weighs more than fat, so as you tone, the scale might not reflect the actual fat you’ve lost. However, the waist beads function in a way that as you lose inches and fat around your waist and stomach, the waist beads drop. I’ve gone through three different waist beads as they’ve loosened up due to my weight loss requiring me to purchase some more. I absolutely love my waist beads from Miss EmpowHer! They are very stylish and functional as well! My fitness journey would not have been the same without them.

Follow along on Alana’s fitness journey on Instagram at @livfitlana. She also does lash extensions in the Chapel-Hill/Durham area. Follow her @lashbylana to see her work.