Advice for the Second Semester College Senior


Courtesy of Khloe on Pinterest

It’s that time of year where college seniors begin to think about their lives outside of college and settle their post-graduation plans. As a current senior at UNC-Chapel Hill, graduation and my future career plans are constantly on my mind. I have also been feeling very nostalgic about all of my college memories; it’s such a bittersweet feeling to be ending my academic journey while also moving on to the “real world” which we’ve spent the past four years preparing for. As my time at UNC closes, I wanted to share some advice with my fellow college seniors.

1. It’s okay to be unsure of your next steps

Some people may have already figured out their career plans, but I can almost guarantee you that most people are still undecided. The truth is, everyone has their own path and are going to be doing different things. I’ve been trying to remember not to compare myself to others and to instead focus on how I can further my own career goals.

2. Allow yourself to feel all the feelings

I’ve found it somewhat sad to realize that at this time next year I won’t be in Chapel Hill surrounded by everything I’ve come to be so familiar with these past four years. I think about how I won’t experience another FDOC or walk the halls of the buildings I currently frequent. It’s scary to realize that what I currently know as my everyday routine is going to be upended after graduation, but it’s also exciting. It’s okay to be sad about your college career ending, and it’s also okay if you want it to be over. Allowing yourself to express all the emotions you’re feeling is essential to protecting your mental health and wellbeing. 

3. Visit all of your favorite places in your college town 

Make the most of these last few months living in your college town. Go to all the places that you’ve grown to love over the past four years, and make more memories. In a few short months, you may not be within walking distance of all these places, so take advantage of it while you can.

4. Try to be fully present in all that you do from now until graduation 

One goal that I have from now until graduation is to be fully present in all that I do. I want to make sure I’m 100% engaged everytime I’m hanging out with friends, walking around campus, or even just sitting in class. Pretty soon, my life will look completely different, so I want to make sure I’m appreciating all the activities that encapsulate my life right now.

5. Document your memories

After graduation, everyone will go down different paths and you may not be living with all of your best friends. Make the most of the time you have left together, and be sure to document it by taking all the pictures! It doesn’t matter if you think you look your best, years later you’ll want to have the memory. 

Congratulations to all the seniors, and be sure to savor these last few months!