9 of the Most Trending Halloween Costumes of 2022


With Halloween approaching, it becomes stressful to pick out one, non-basic, but cute costume that everyone will understand, let alone three or four for those of us with plans all Halloweekend. If you are anything like me, you have been trolling Pinterest and TikTok trying to find the perfect costumes. So, to help us all out I have listed the costumes that I have noticed the most on my hunt for the perfect one. And the best part is that everything you will need for each costume is linked in the Miss EmpowHer Amazon StorefrontContinue reading below for a list of the 9 costumes that were trending on my feed and everything that you will need for them.


 (1) Lightning McQueen

Kachow! This Lightning McQueen costume is super cute and can easily be done with things that you may find in your closet. It is also a cute and easy costume to throw together year-round for any event requiring a costume.

 (2) Firefighter/ Police Officer

While a firefighter or police officer costume may seem a little basic, they are super easy too DIY. The best part is that the two are easily interchangeable, depending on the accessories you choose.

 (3) Playboy Bunny

This take on a classic seems to be super popular this year, and if you want to turn this costume into a duo, your partner can throw on a red robe and tag-along as Hugh Hefner.

 (4) Toy Story Alien

This costume idea is super cute and super easy with only three parts. If you and the girls are looking for a group costume, this is also a great option.

 (5) Vector (Despicable Me)

In 2010, the trendy costume was a Despicable Me minion. Fast forward 12 years, and the villain in the orange jumpsuit carrying a shrink ray is the new trendy costume.

 (6) Gold Digger

Alexa, play Gold Digger by Kanye West. The word play for this costume makes it so creative and cute. Pull out your shovels and gold skirts and keep track of all of the comments this costume will get you.   

 (7) Princess Mia (Princess Diaries)

Hailey Bieber's Princess Mia costume from Halloween of 2021 has been all over my social media feeds this year. This costume is a super cute way to live your childhood dreams of becoming a princess overnight, much like Anne Hathaway's character in the "Princess Diaries."

 (8) Top Gun

With Top Gun 2 coming out this summer, a Top Gun inspired costume this Halloween was a no-brainer. Pick a call sign and fly into Halloweekend with yourself or co-pilot and enjoy the ride. 

 (9) Kendall Jenner inspired Witch

Another celeb inspired costume that has been trending this year is Kendall Jenner's take on a witch. This is a super cute costume that is easy to recreate and put your own spin on. You can dress it up or down, and it is the perfect costume to keep for years to come.