6 Instagram Accounts to Follow For Daily Inspiration

Sometimes, it can feel like our social media feeds get caught up in a cycle of negativity. However, scrolling and seeing one bit of good news or a motivational quote can completely change the trajectory of our day. Here are 6 Instagram accounts that you can count on to inspire you and help you feel your best.


1. @missempowher: @missempowher is a women empowerment brand committed to helping women of all shades and shapes feel confident and empowered. @missempowher’s page features posts on self growth, career development, and general life advice for young women. Miss EmpowHer also sells waist beads made by women in Ghana. To check out Miss EmpowHer’s waist beads and learn more about their brand, visit www.missempowher.com

2. @ohhappydani: @ohhappydani’s bio says “Helping you do good daily through art & words about faith, hope, and justice”, and her account does just that. Run by Danielle Coke, @ohhappydani posts an array of quotes, mantras, and more. She also highlights people (especially women) doing good in the world, such as a hair stylist who uses hair clippings to clean up oil spills and a high school senior who’s helping her classmates become politically engaged. Danielle also sells stickers, prints, and more at her website www.ohhappydani.com/friends/

3. @rachel_e_lettering: @rachel_e_lettering posts motivational quotes that are turned into pieces of art. Rachel Eck, who runs @rachel_e_lettering, uses her artistic talent to create beautiful Instagram posts with inspirational quotes and sayings. Better yet, each post comes in multiple versions with different colors, so you can always find one that suits your style. Rachel sells prints of her work on Etsy at https://www.etsy.com/shop/rachelelettering/

4. @upworthy: @upworthy is dedicated to “delivering you the best of humanity every day” through funny, heartwarming and encouraging posts. From pictures of puppies to hilarious quotes from toddlers to stories of first-generation college students, @upworthy has something to make everyone smile.

5. @selfcarewithwall: @selfcarewithwall is exactly what it sounds like: an account that posts advice on how to be your best self that’s displayed on walls (along with other unusual mediums like cups, trucks, and more). The quotes featured are so powerful, someone decided to paint them on a wall, and @selfcarewithwall is helping to share them with the world.

6. @goodnews_movement: @goodnews_movement is a journalist-run page that shares only the good news occuring in the world. @goodnews_movement provides a platform for all the positive things that the typical news usually overlooks. If all news outlets shared the stories that @goodnews_movement does, we would be a bit happier.

Hopefully, at least one of these Instagram accounts resonate with you and add positivity and motivation to your day.