5 Tips for Crushing Your Next Interview


In order to land your dream job or get that promotion you’ve been working for, you have to approach your interviews and networking conversations with confidence as well as competence. Check out our tips for presenting your most confident, authentic, and capable self at your next interview. 

1. Practice meditation

Interviews can be nerve-wracking. Most everyone gets nervous before important interviews, but this can hinder your ability to put your best foot forward and utilize the preparation you’ve done. Practice relaxation and meditation techniques before your interview by focusing on your breathing and thinking positive thoughts.

2. Be in the moment

In an interview setting, it can be easy to always be thinking ahead about the next question you might be asked or how the interview is going. However, worrying about the next part of the interview doesn't allow you to be present with the interviewer and enjoy the opportunity to learn more. Focus on staying present, and you will present yourself as a calm, collected individual. 

3. Demonstrate enthusiasm

Most of us don’t look forward to interviews. However, it is important to be positive and enthusiastic during the interview process, which makes you seem more approachable and eager about the role. Make sure to smile and be expressive when meeting an interviewer and telling them about your experiences. Make them realize how wonderful you are to be around in a workplace setting!

4. Practice confident body language

A lot of what we communicate about ourselves in an interview doesn’t even have to do with our answers to interviewers’ questions. Our body language, tone, and gestures can signal confidence and assertiveness, or it can signal insecurity. Speaking loudly and clearly, making intentional gestures, and making eye contact throughout the interview can make you stand out as a candidate. 

5. Ask great questions

Great candidates stand out because they are truly engaged with the company they are interviewing with and are eager to learn more about it. Come prepared with specific and unique questions to ask your interviewer about their experiences, and connect their comments to why you would be a great addition to their team.

Remember that you are getting the opportunity to interview because you deserve it! Enjoy the connections you make and be yourself, and your interviewers will appreciate the chance to get to know you. You got this!