5 Black-Owned Fashion Brands to Support During Black History Month (& Every Month)

February is Black History Month, and with every purchase you make at a black-owned business, you are telling the world that it matters to support these businesses. There are SO many black clothing brands out there with beautiful, high-quality products and a great mission to empower people of color. Not only will you be supporting these brands if you purchase from them, but you will be providing opportunities for young Black entrepreneurs, designers, and employees.

Here is a list of five black-owned, fashion brands that are killing the game. These companies are run by people who aim to empower others and make a difference.

  1. Miss EmpowHer

    Miss EmpowHer is a women's empowerment fashion-lifestyle brand that celebrates and aims to speak to sexy, confident and empowered women. Their signature product is beautiful handmade Ghanaian waist beads, which help women of all shades and shapes embrace their femininity and promote body positivity. The beads can be worn as an accessory and to track your fitness goals without having to worry about the scale! 

    Plus, every time you place an order at Miss EmpowHer, you are supporting their mission to make a positive impact on the lives of women everywhere. 

  2. Savage X Fenty 

    Savage X Fenty has completely changed the game with their lingerie line celebrating fearlessness, confidence and inclusivity. Their pieces are flattering for every body shape and you can ensure you’ll see your body type on their site which means A LOT. Their collections are super affordable and will have you feeling sexy and confident. I have never regretted a purchase there!

  3. Sorella 

    Sorella offers affordable and trendy pieces. If you are looking for a range of clothing options for different occasions at a low price, then this store is for you. Check out their vintage section for repurposed clothing and one of a kind pieces!

  4. Kai Collective 

    Kai Collective was founded by fashion and travel blogger, Fisayo Longe. Kai seeks to create clothing for multidimensional women who embrace their femininity in every form. They aim to help women feel inspired and give women that extra dose of confidence through their clothing. Every time I scroll through their collections my mouth DROPS. Kai Collective features bright colors and beautiful patterns that anyone can rock!

  5. Sincerely Ria 

    Sincerely Ria clothing is for the unapologetic woman who embraces who she is and loves her curves. Ria aims to challenge the status quo and celebrate not only a woman's beauty but the woman herself. Although they only have one drop so far, their pieces are stunning! Sincerely Ria is the go-to store for sexy silhouettes and colorful two-piece sets!

It is crucial to remember that supporting black-owned businesses is not a trend, and you support these brands today, tomorrow, and always. Try to make it a habit to purchase from black businesses or show your support if possible! By doing this, you will help close the racial disparity gap, aid in job creation and hold larger companies responsible on issues related to lack of representation.