10 Instagram Accounts To Follow To Become “THAT GIRL”


This year, I decided to become “That Girl”. To become “That Girl” I adopted a growth mindset and changed how I consumed content on social media. I started using social media as a vehicle to help me become the best version of myself rather than destroy my mental health.

As someone who recently graduated from college, I found adulting while becoming “That Girl” by myself overwhelming. I quickly learned that nobody's got you like you've got yourself.

I took control of my life and identified the resources that I needed to help me navigate my personal growth journey. I found Instagram accounts that taught me how to practice self-love, promoted self-care, helped me navigate romantic relationships and friendships, as well as accounts that helped me set myself up for long-term financial success. 

10 Instagram Accounts That Helped Me Become “THAT GIRL” 

  1. Miss EmpowHer
  2. We The Urban  
  3. BossBabe 
  4. Toni Tone 
  5. Tiwa Ogunlesi 
  6. Millennial Therapist 
  7. Every Stylish Girl 
  8. CNBC Make It
  9. Nedra Tawwab
  10. Intern Queen 

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