Get to Know Our Interns



"I decided to become a part of the Miss Empowher team so that I could develop my web design skills and to obtain more graphic design experience for a brand! I also feel passionate about empowering women and helping Black and Brown women invest in their futures. I hope to create a lasting impact with my design skills and develop pertinent content for the Miss EmpowHer brand."

To learn more, contact Cinthia Ogbaugo at cinogbaugo@gmail.com or visit her portfolio site at www.cinogbaugo.wixsite.com/website.



"Wanting to make good use of the extra time at home, I joined the program to develop digital marketing skills like SEO, digital ads and website building. I’m also bringing my other skills, such as content writing and graphic design, to the table. I’m always looking to use my skills to make real-world impacts while learning something new at the same time. Furthermore, I like Miss EmpowHer for its feminism and authenticity. I love supporting businesses that emphasize on diversity and inclusion, especially those are established by students."

To learn more, contact Jerry Yan at ziruiyan@gmail.com.



"I joined the Miss EmpowHer team so that I could further develop my website development and user experience skills as well as gain knowledge about the inner workings of a start-up company. I am also very passionate about empowering women of color and making a positive impact on underrepresented communities, which is something that the Miss EmpowHer brand successfully does."

To learn more, contact Maureen Osei at mosei@live.unc.edu or visit my portfolio at www.maureenosei.com.



"I joined the Miss EmpowHer team to improve my digital marketing skills and gain experience working with a brand that has such an important social impact. I feel a particular connection to Miss EmpowHer’s mission of helping women embrace their femininity and feel empowered through fashion. I am looking forward to integrating my passion for the brand’s goals into my marketing projects. As part of the team, I hope to develop email marketing campaigns and gain experience in social media advertising."

To learn more, contact Emily Cory at ecory@live.unc.edu.



"I joined the Miss EmpowHer team because I loved the fact that it is a womens empowerment brand that focuses on uplifting women of color through fashion and community. Furthermore, I saw it as an amazing opportunity to improve my skills in digital marketing, as well as social media management, brand strategy and design. As someone who is interested in entrepreneurship it is great to be able to see what all goes into the behind the scenes of running a startup. I am excited to be a part of such an amazing team and brand."


To learn more, contact Witnessa Taylor at witnessa@live.unc.edu



"After being exposed to the empowering mission behind Miss EmpowHer, I eagerly joined the program in hopes to make an impact on this amazing business, while developing my own digital marketing skills along the way. I have always had a strong interest in marketing and social media and was thrilled to find this new way of incorporating the two for a real-world brand. I am extremely excited to connect with other women out there who also care about this great cause."

To learn more, contact Becca Riopel at beccadr@live.unc.edu.



"I joined the Miss EmpowHer team because not only will I be able to improve my digital marketing skills, but I feel that this brand could have an amazing positive impact on the world. I am excited to be a part of a business that supports feminism and diversity. This brand is the perfect way for me to build my skill set with a group of women who feel as passionately about female empowerment as I do." 

To learn more, contact Eliza Carlton at elizalee@live.unc.edu.



"I decided to become part of the Miss EmpowHer team, because I am passionate about female empowerment and helping women of color succeed. I believe the Miss EmpowHer brand will create a positive impact on the world by advocating diversity, inclusion, and feminism. During this internship, I hope to develop skills in digital marketing along with advertising, web design, and brand management. I am excited to be part of such an amazing team that supports women empowerment."

To learn more, contact Jeni Cruz at jejeni@live.unc.edu.



"I joined the Miss EmpowHer team because I connected with the mission of the brand. I love the fact that it aims to empower women, especially women of color, through accessories, as I am passionate about both women’s equality and fashion. I love that it is a start up and I’m inspired by Miss EmpowHer’s founder’s entrepreneurial spirit. Not only am I excited to explore the inner workings of a startup, but I am also hoping to expand my skills in social media marketing, as well as branding and design."

To learn more, contact Lauren LaTulippe at ljlauren@live.unc.edu.


"I joined the MissempowHer team to support a black-owned business that is giving back to the community as well as acknowledging the historical roots of the products they sell. I'm excited to be working with a diverse team while also improving my digital marketing skills. 

To learn more, contact Morgan at mkumi248@gmail.com."


"I joined the Miss EmpowHer team because the mission of the company immediately spoke to me. I loved the values behind the company and wanted to have an impactful summer internship. I also was excited to join the team to improve my digital advertising and marketing skills. I am excited to work with such an awesome team that supports all women and continue to learn and gain experience along the way!"

To learn more, contact Carson Dobrowski at cdobrow00@gmail.com or visit my portfolio at www.carsondobrowski.com.